Pregnancy Pain Relief in Wollongong
The body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. A growing belly combined with (as pregnancy progresses) decreased physical exercise place biomechanical strains on a mothers back and pelvis.

Pregnant women can experience:

1. Pelvic misalignment – which can alter the pelvic opening, leading to intrauterine constraint.
2. A modified, widening of the gait – which can potentially aggravate pelvic joints, hip joints, the lower back, sciatic nerves and the supporting uterine ligaments.
3. Expansion of the lower rib cage – which can lead to. aggravation and tightening of the mid back joints that connect to ribs.
4. A shifting of the centre of gravity forwards – which places extra pressure on the lower spinal joints.
5. Increased breast size – which adds increased strain on the mid to upper back.
6. The release of the hormone relaxin – which increases joint mobility (a good thing for the birthing process) but decreases joint stability (can aggravate previous joint injuries and amplifies pelvic imbalances).

Chiropractics maybe of assistance during pregnancy for women who present with:

- Back pain and pelvic pain
- Sciatic pain
- Pain in the tailbone region
- Pain in the groin

Chiropractors can also help pregnant women with other common problems associated with pregnancy including:

- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Plantar fasciitis
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