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Anyone who has suffered from pain realises the significant impact it can have on their lives. In extreme cases inability to work and maintain relationships can lead to a cascade of events often resulting in depression and anxiety.

For most people pain is (luckily) a temporary experience. Every day in my office I deal with people who a suffering from pain. From an episode of low back pain to the acute pain caused by a migraine thousands of people every week seek chiropractic help to manage non-life threatening episodes of pain.

Chiropractic has a safe and effective record for treating:

- Acute low back strain
- Sciatic pain
- Tension headaches
- Migraines
- Carpel tunnel syndrome
- Wry neck
- Jaw pain

Chiropractic care also help reverse the detrimental effects that prolonged sitting have on your low back and neck. Improvements in posture slow the progression of osteoarthritis in your back and thus improve mobility and decreases pain levels.

Chiropractic may help in restoring normal functioning of the spine – without the use of drugs. It offers natural solutions for many common problems. If you wake up in pain and feeling stiff chiropractic may help put the bounce back in your step.
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