Chiropractic Care

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Tension headaches normally result from tight muscles in the upper back pulling on the base of the skull. Patients complain of throbbing and tension in their shoulders and neck, sometimes accompanied by pain in their forehead. Tension headaches are commonly caused by sitting to long in front of a computer.
Pregnancy places many postural strains on a woman’s body. It’s very common for to feel pain and discomfort, especially in the low back and pelvis. Chiropractors trained in the Webster Technique offer specialised assessment of a pregnant woman’s pelvis and low back to ensure optimal alignment for not only pregnancy but also birthing.
Pain is a sign that there is something wrong – its our bodies warning system. How should we respond? When is it appropriate to take medication? Which type of medication? Are we better off trying to find what caused the problem and address the cause rather than the symptoms?
Chiropractors work alongside Doctors, Neurologists and other health professionals in the management of sciatica. Sciatica can be a debilitating condition that affects a person’s ability to work and carry out tasks that would normally be easily achieved. Thorough assessment is vital to gaining an accurate diagnosis of sciatica. 

Jaw Pain : Often patients presenting with headache, dizziness and neck pain have underlying TMD. As a chiropractor I treat many such patients.
Treatment is always personalised and may involve mobilization, soft tissue and trigger point therapy and spinal rehabilitation.

Admit it. Your posture could be better. Did you realise that poor posture affects not only self-image but also the ability of your body to adapt to its environment? You may need postural rehabilitation. Posture and X-Ray analysis will identify exactly where your problems are.

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There are many causes for migraine headaches. Some people suffer the ill-effects of migraines for most of their lives. Chiropractors are experts in the detection and correction of abnormal spinal joint motion.and address the cause rather than the symptoms?